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Supporting Donations

Supporting Donations

Every donation will go towards paying billd and my continued pursuit of this dream! If you love my art, but now is just not the right time, or you haven't found the perfect piece yet, this is a way you help support me in this endeavor!

In March, my husband was diagnosed with Stage 2 Rectal AND Colon cancer.  After 8 weeks of daily radiation with chemo, followed by 8 48 hour chemo treatments and finally double resection surgery of the ascending colon as well as rectum we are CANCER FREE.  As amazing as that is we arent done yet!  The surgery left him with an ileostomy, a nurse who comes to the house once a week and another surgery to reverse the Ileostomy in January.  
Even with fantastic insurance these bills have dried us out.  Every credit card is maxed out and my checking account is costing me more in overdraft fees than you could imagine.  It's impossible for us to even just pay minimums right now.  I can't help but feel like we should be celebrating when instead we're drowning.
Every sale on this website or donation will be tremendously appreciated just so I can continue to be here for him while doing what I love and still being able to pay the bills.  

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