About Aries


Hi I'm Aries! 

My name is Pamela Hallisey and I've spent most of my life making art.  I always loved to draw and as the years went by that evolved into so many different mediums!  It started as just gifts for friends and family, then I found myself creating signs for vendors at the NY Renaissance Faire, from there I started Pyrography and quickly fell in love with the medium, I started doing custom plaques and boxes with subjects like pets or favorite cartoon or super hero characters. Still doing ALL of that I've also fallen in love with watercolors!  I especially loved creating custom home portraits I love the detail in it and the study of some of the architecture! 

I'm still doing all of the custom work that gave me my start and now I have begun creating from my mind as well.  I'm combining my love for Pyrography WITH my love of watercolor.  I refer to the combining of these two mediums as "Fire & Water" and together they allow me to create unique fine art reminiscent of stained glass.  My first journey into combining these mediums on paper is my "Bugs!" collection, and I've since expanded that with 2 more collections!  "Birds of Prey" and "Backyard Birds" has expanded my art to whole new territories! Recently I have exhibited my works at the "Live 4 Art" Gallery in Pawling, NY, "Arts on the Lake" in Carmel, NY and The Kent Public Library!

I've been married (I'll just say more than once), have 2 beautiful adult daughter's and the universe has finally decided THIS time, right now, it's time for me to seize the opportunities I've failed to seize in the past.  My husband Kevin, and my entire family both blood and chosen are so supportive and encouraging!  It's like having my own cheerleading team by my side! Even my fur babies Tucker and Fester cheer me on and inspire me!

I hope in the future to be able to use my art as not just to make a living for myself, but to raise money and awareness for local charities.  I've donated several prints for auctions and Tricky trays for local school fundraisers as well as to no kill shelters and other Pet charities.  If you work with a charity looking to fundraise, please reach out, I would love to work with you!

In 2023, I plan to be participating in Art shows!  I already have a schedule for the Spring and Summer months!  If you'd like to know where I'll be, just sign up as one of my V.I.P.'s and you'll always have the most up to date information!  

Thank you for visiting my page, I truly hope my creations make you smile, THAT is my one true goal!