I am an artist! Right??

I am an artist!  Right??

I am an artist.  There, I said it!  Wow!  That's a load off and it feels amazing!

I, like I am sure many of you, have spent my entire life questioning that fact.  I am here to tell you question it no more!  See, I believe we are ALL artist in one form or another.  We all have something we excel at, or are passionate about, something we can share with the rest of the world that is unique to us!  

I catch myself desiring to create things that I believe will bring others joy or that will form a connection to something to lies within them.  The artist in me loves hearing "I love peacocks!" or "these are so cute!" when people are looking at things I've created!  Whether they purchase it or not, it means I made a connection to something within them, and that means everything to me!  I rarely create things "for me" (okay, maybe the peacocks) and yet it CAME from me, so I guess it was in there!  

The artist in you!

What is in YOU?  Maybe your an accountant creating a spreadsheet that will help your client understand their profits (I stink at numbers).  Or maybe you're a mechanic who's just fixed a transmission so someone can get to work tomorrow.  You could be a dancer who just transported someone to a place of joy with your movement or a deli clerk who's just made the sandwich I am going to come back for again, and again. The Mom who gently kissed their child on the forehead as they left for school.

Whatever it is you have done, you have done something they could not do for themselves! You've brought something into their lives they would not have had otherwise.  You've fulfilled a need, even if they didn't realize it!  Isn't that an art?  It was, after all, your passion, your knowledge and your willingness to share it!  You changed someone's life! YOU are an artist!

Whether it's big or small, to me, changing lives for the better, bringing joy, making someone smile is what art is all about!  So look for the artists all around you!  And remember you are one of them!

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